Commonwealth Policy Center

There are some things you’d rather not talk about in polite company but when public health and safety are at stake, good citizenship requires us to do so. Such is the case with child sex dolls. These are life-like dolls meant for sex and they’re distributed worldwide, including in the U.S. Congressman Vern Buchanan, introduced a bill that prohibits the sale of the dolls when used for the purposes of sex acts. It’s rightly dubbed the CREEPER Act 2.0. “Childlike sex dolls encourage pedophilia and could condition users to commit sexual abuse of children in real life,” said Patrick A. Trueman, the CEO and president of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, a nonpartisan that fights sexual exploitation. Kudos to Trueman and Buchanon for not only talking about a tough issue but trying to end something that threatens both civility and the safety of our children.