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The worst one yet, by far.

Here’s what we learn from this video:

1) Planned Parenthood absolutely considers its business in fetal parts more than “research.” It’s selling.

2) Planned Parenthood admits that it receives sample-specific money from its harvesting

One of the doctors in the video very clearly states that each “specimen” should be evaluated for “how much we can get out of it.” That obviously implies more than the costs of extraction and transmission that PP previously said was the only thing that was compensated.

3) Planned Parenthood admits that what they are working on is not “tissue” or a “fetal cells” but a baby

The most damning moments in the whole video occur toward the end. Twice a doctor is heard saying that the “speciment” being dissected in a pie dish is a “baby” and a “boy.”

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There you have it, folks. It’s time for defenders of Planned Parenthood and the skeptics about these videos to admit what is right in front of their face: The death of children, of baby boys and girls. Those at the helm know what they’re doing. They’re not in the “tissue” business, or the “clump of cells” business. They’re in the human business.

It’s time to shut down this monstrous violator of human rights.