Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

A few days ago the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case over whether churches should be eligible to participate in government grant programs for neutral projects. Some have argued that since churches don't pay taxes, they shouldn't receive any benefits from the state. If that's true, why do fire and rescue squads answer calls to churches and religious organizations in need? Public protection is provided to churches because it would be unthinkable not to do so. Churches are valuable members of the community. In fact, they are incredibly beneficial to society. They provide moral training that makes for better citizens, they offer aid and assistance to those in need, offer encouragement and counseling to those struggling in life…. Could you imagine a world without churches where people are left on their own to navigate life's pitfalls and challenges without moral and spiritual guidance? Next time someone says that churches are a drag on tax rolls, tell them that they give back far more they receive in any tax benefit.