Cannabis Legislation SB 80

By Richard Nelson


February 1, 2018

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Is legalizing pot for recreational use the way to grow an economy? According to State Sen. Dan Seum, the answer is yes. Seum said “It’s out there.  We’re using it anyway.  We might as well reap the harvest so to speak.” He believes that taxing and regulating marijuana could bring in about $100 million a year…  So is increasing revenue a good reason to legitimize an activity that was previously considered unhealthy? We should first ask is it good, is it healthy, will it help Kentuckians become better citizens?  Paducah Senator Danny Carrol doesn't think so. He said. “We can’t fill the jobs that we have and the number one complaint that our businesses have is workers can’t pass drug screens.  I believe that if we do this it’s just going to compound that problem.”


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