Commonwealth Policy Center

Have you chosen sides in the Chicken Sandwich Wars? Burger King has entered the culture war with a new chicken sandwich, and they’re taking a jab at Chick-fil-a. Burger King is promoting their chicken sandwich by donating 40 cents of every purchase to the Human Rights Campaign, which is the most powerful organization that promotes the LGBT cause. Burger King is emphasizing that they’re open on Sundays—another jab at Chick-fil-A. But Burger King’s controversial donations may turn many away. Unfortunately, many corporations have decided to use their power and influence to promote this moral revolution. Burger King’s latest campaign is a slap in the face to the majority of Americans who hold to a biblical sexual ethic. Burger King has made it known that if you purchase their chicken sandwich, you’re going to help underwrite the moral revolution. Who knew that chicken sandwich would be the latest tool in the culture war?