Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

The song "Fight the Power" blared from a stereo outside a Louisville restaurant and protestors chanted "No justice, no peace." Inside was Kentucky's Senior U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell who sat down for a meal. But McConnell wasn't able to finish and he left early. So is disrupting lawmakers when they're out in public acceptable? Some consider such tactics ok, a form of public debate or public protest. In either case, whatever you call it, it's uncivil. We may strongly disagree with our elected leaders, but there's a time and place for such disagreements and it's important that when we disagree, we do so in a respectful way. Demeaning and shouting isn't helpful. It doesn't further an argument. It only widens the political divide. So be civil. Show a little grace in the public realm, you'd be amazed at how far it goes.