Commonwealth Policy Center

Gov. Beshear’s COVID-19 economic shutdown led to thousands going on unemployment. As expected, many enjoyed receiving an income without having to work. Now there’s a crisis as businesses cannot find workers. There are currently over 100,000 jobs in Kentucky that need to be filled. In response to this government-made problem, Gov. Beshear unveiled his plan to provide $1,500 one-time payments to those who go back to work. Kentucky State House Speaker David Osborne said paying someone to get a job is “extremely insulting to those who have worked throughout this pandemic…. This is a classic government solution to a real-world problem and problematic at many levels.” Osborne is right to point out the insulting nature of the payments to people who should be working. We all need to work. After all, work is part of what we’re designed to do. Hopefully, Gov. Beshear will see that his contradictory policies are hurting not only businesses, but able-bodied adults who need to be working.