Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

An Open Letter to the Church
From: Commonwealth Policy Center Executive Director Richard Nelson
Date: June 30, 2015

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Last Friday’s Supreme Court ruling redefining marriage and imposing homosexual marriage in all 50 states is a wakeup call. We have seen this coming for two years and now its here. The ruling underscores the nation’s moral and spiritual darkness and brings into greater focus the challenges facing believers.

It is most helpful to begin by realizing that God is not surprised by what just happened. He is not frightened. Nor is He wringing His hands and worrying. He is the Sovereign God who governs in the affairs of men. Indeed, He is the Supreme Judge.  The question is, do we believe it? Then secondly, where do we go from here?

Some suggest that the issue is over and the church should just move on. I disagree. To ignore the centrality of marriage to Christianity and human flourishing is a rejection of Scripture. The Biblical narrative in the book of Genesis begins with a marriage—a perfect marriage with a perfect couple in a garden called Eden. And it ends with a marriage in the book of Revelation where Christ the glorified bridegroom meets his beloved and sanctified bride—the church. This great and joyous wedding is the consummation of history.

In between the two weddings, there is brokenness, conflict and blighted marriages. It has always been the role of Christians to minister wholeness and healing to broken lives. The latest battle to redefine marriage only perpetuates brokenness. It is a strike against humanity and its most important human relationship. It also strikes a blow against religious freedom. This is where the next battles will be. Here is what we anticipate:

Nonprofit status will be attacked

Faith-based adoption service may be forced to close
Accreditation of Christian schools will be challenged or revoked
Federal student loans at Christian schools may end
Christian business owners, particularly those who cater to wedding industry, will be sued for discrimination
Churches that open up their facilities to outside groups could be sued to permit gay weddings

Some of these things are already happening but this is not a time for retreat. Nor is it a time to fear. It is a time to stand strong and press on. It is time to count the cost, for each of us are likely to be forced to make some tough decisions in our lifetimes.

Pastors:  Are you willing to preach the truth about human sexuality according to Scripture? Do you care about your right to preach the truth? The former is under threat. The latter is a question every pastor must answer.

Christ followers: Are you willing to engage this issue when appropriate?  Are you prepared to face the consequences of living out truth in the public arena? The intensity to taking up the first challenge will determine the commitment and seriousness of the second.  Perhaps more importantly, are you willing to model a loving marriage that reflects Christ?

Congregations: Are you willing to stand firmly upon God’s truth of human sexuality and marriage while at the same time extending grace and compassion to those refugees from the sexual revolution who need Christ’s redemption and healing? Are you willing to minister to the sexually broken?

The question before the Church at this moment in history is do we have faith that the “gates of hell will not prevail?” Do we have faith that the “battle is the Lord’s?” That God still raises up Daniels to counsel kings and Davids to fight Goliaths? We pray that the pastors across Kentucky will speak  and teach with authority. We pray that followers of Jesus will live out their faith with boldness. And we pray that believers will model healthy and loving marriages for the world to see. Regardless of the Supreme Court ruling, the battle is not over. It is just beginning.

We at CPC are here to stand with you in this battle and we have some resources to be of assistance:

*Model church governing documents (If you have not updated your governing documents, we have a model document free of charge). Contact us at
*Online Fact Sheets on Why Marriage Matters
*Videos 3-8 minute videos on various aspects of the marriage issue that can be shared with your congregations 
*Speakers Bureau—If you’d like to have a speaker from Commonwealth Policy Center share on the implications of same-sex marriage, please email us at

In the meantime, please pray for CPC and our ministry as we continue to fight this battle in other arenas. Thank you in advance and may God bless you.

Very sincerely yours,

Richard Nelson
Executive Director
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PS Feel free to contact me if I can be of further help. My office number is (270) 271-2713.