Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

An ACLU action alert is urging people to STOP STATE LEADERS FROM BULLYING TRANSGENDER YOUTH. Now nobody is for bullying, or they shouldn't be. But how does the ACLU define it? In their eyes, its anyone who is opposed to transgendered students using bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex. The action alert further said "It’s starting to feel like anti-LGBT politicians are waging a war against transgender youth." Again, their interpretation of reality seems to be different from most. They are specifically criticizing the 13 states, including Kentucky, that pushed back against Barack Obama's mandate telling every public school in the nation they must agree and support children's decision to be whatever gender they want and correspondingly to use whatever showers and restrooms they choose. Whatever war might be taking place, it isn't against youth, but if anything its against reality itself. And in this case, the adults should know better.