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Though Kentuckians are still two years away from the next Governor's race, citizens are already being treated to a boilerplate of anticipation as to who will be at the top of the gubernatorial ticket. Republican political columnist and Louisville attorney, John David Dyche, put forth a column with WDRB talking up the potential of Louisville businessman Hal Heiner as a top contender. 

Heiner is an established figure within the Louisville political community. A councilman and who nearly won Louisville's 2012 mayoral race, Heiner has a strong record of both an advocate for economic and social conservatism. As Dyche notes, there are steady rumors of Heiner putting together the infrastructure for a serious candidacy in 2015, assuming he gets out of the primary first. 

According to Dyche

“It caught some Kentucky Republicans by surprise when former Louisville councilman and mayoral candidate Hal Heiner showed up at the Fancy Farm picnic in August saying that he was considering a race for governor.  Now it would be surprising if Heiner does not run in 2015.

Multiple GOP sources now say Heiner is indeed going to make a gubernatorial bid.  They also say that he will have help, perhaps behind the scenes, from U. S. Representative and chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, Hal Rogers of Somerset.”

As Dyche goes on to note, Heiner has a strong business record, is opposed to expanding gambling in the Commonwealth, and is seen as the greatest advocate for bring school choice to the lagging educational atmosphere of Kentucky. Though it’s too early to take sides in the gubernatorial race, Kentucky conservatives should be relieved at the early rumors surrounding a quality candidate such as Heiner.