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Kentucky House District 5 Race

The information below was compiled by voting records and a candidate questionnaire distributed by the Commonwealth Policy Center,
a nonprofit, nonpartisan Kentucky organization.

Shannon Davis-Roberts

Mary Beth Imes



Paid for by the Commonwealth Policy PAC, UCC. Not authorized by any candidate or campaign.

*This Legislation would require educators to incorporate LGBT curriculum in sex education classes as early as Kindergarten.

1 Davis- Roberts is endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Source: Planned Parenthood.

2 Davis-Roberts supported the SCOTUS ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County that jeopardized Christian business owners’ freedom to operate their businesses according to their conscience and religious convictions. Source: Facebook Post (June 15, 2020).

3 “I support investment in sustainable agriculture and industry, arts and education, pension funding through expanded limited gambling, and medical/recreational marijuana.” Source: Shannon Davis Roberts Facebook Comment (May 29, 2020).

4 Listed “LGBTQ Rights” as an area of public policy she is passionate about. Source: Ballotpedia Survey.

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A federal judge was heckled into silence at Stanford University. During Judge Duncan's speech, protestors interrupted him, calling him a transphobe and a racist.

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Please sign the petition below to tell Governor Andy Beshear to sign SB 150 into law! Children must be protected from dangerous "hormone therapy" and transition surgeries.

http://commonwealthpolicy.org/SB150 https://fb.watch/jtiBMusWAL/ via @FacebookWatch

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