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Kentucky House District 37 Race

The information below was compiled by voting records and a candidate questionnaire distributed by the Commonwealth Policy Center,
a nonprofit, nonpartisan Kentucky organization.

Jeffrey Donohue

Jimmy Maricle



Paid for by the Commonwealth Policy PAC, UCC. Not authorized by any candidate or campaign.

*This Legislation would require educators to incorporate LGBT curriculum in sex education classes as early as Kindergarten.

1 Voted against HB 454 (2018), HB 5 (2019), and SB 9 (2020). Source: Kentucky Legislative Research Comission (KY LRC).

2 Donohue was a co-sponsor of the state-wide “Fairness Bill” which threatened the right of religious business owners’ to hire, fire, and run their business in a way that lines up with their Religious Freedoms.

3 Voted against HB 520 (2017) which allowed for the creation of for-profit charter schools. Source: KY LRC “The Charter schools selection system is flawed.” Source: Facebook Post (May 1, 2018).

4 Cosponsor of HB 137 (2020) and HB 416 (2013). Source: KY LRC.

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We’re excited to see you TOMORROW to celebrate @YesforLifeKY. Bring a friend & a lawn chair for an exciting day of #prolife advocacy! #YesOn2

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