Who will represent your values?

Kentucky House 15 General Election

The information below was compiled by a candidate questionnaire distributed by the Commonwealth Policy Center,
a nonprofit, nonpartisan Kentucky organization. We distributed a questionnaire multiple times to all Republican and Democratic candidates who displayed contact info on their website or social media. Candidates who did not respond to our survey, and did not present a clear answer to these questions on their websites, received a “No Response.”

Brittney Hernandez-Stevenson

Rebecca Raymer

 *This Legislation would require educators to incorporate LGBT curriculum in classes as early as Kindergarten. (HB 296, 2020)

((1)) “I am pro-choice.” (Facebook Post, May 10, 2022)
((2)) “Legalization and regulation of cannabis.” (https://drb4staterep.com/)
((3)) Agreed with this statement on Facebook: “If you are voting for representation that doesn’t want Gun Control Legislation, it’s real simple make a better choice!” (Facebook Post, May 25, 2022)
((4)) “I would only be open to expanding wagering to include sports other than just horse racing.”

Paid for by the Commonwealth Policy PAC, UCC. Not authorized by any candidate or campaign.


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