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Kentucky Attorney General’s Race

The information below was compiled by official actions, candidate websites, and a candidate questionnaire distributed by the Commonwealth Policy Center, a nonprofit, nonpartisan Kentucky organization.

Pam Stevenson (D)

Russell Coleman (R)

1 “In the case of protecting access to abortion, I will seek out and implement national best practices that are working for women in other states across the country.” Kentuckians for the Commonwealth Survey.

2 Voted against HB 43 (2022), which allows houses of worship to remain open during states of emergency (i.e. COVID). Voted against HB 547 (2023), which “a school district from punishing an employee for engaging in private religious expression otherwise protected by the First Amendment.” Co-Sponsored HB 12 (2022), which would ban so-called “conversion therapy” and infringe upon religious liberty.

3 Stevenson voted against HB 9 (2022), which provided funding for charter schools. She also failed to vote for HB 563 (2021), which created a tax credit for education opportunity accounts.

4 Stevenson voted against SB 150 (2023), which protects Kentucky school kids from controversial LGBT indoctrination in K-12 public school classrooms, makes clear that bathroom and locker room policy corresponds to biological sex, and prohibits gender transitions of minors.

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The Commonwealth Minute

The Commonwealth Minute is a daily radio commentary heard on over 40 stations, provides perspective on issues that affect Kentuckians.

KY AG Russell Coleman is standing against the Biden Administration's new rules that restrict coal and gas-fired power plants. These federal rules would force the commonwealth to drastically change its sources of energy.

More here: https://commonwealthpolicycenter.org/ky-attorney-general-coleman-challenges-biden-power-plant-rules/

Three Jewish women are challenging KY's abortion ban in the Jefferson Co. Circuit Court. They claim that legal protections for the unborn violates their Jewish belief that life begins at birth, not conception.

More here: https://commonwealthpolicycenter.org/is-abortion-religious-freedom/

Politicians are now talking about taxes since it's an election year. Joining us this week to talk about taxes is @BrianDomitrovic, co-author of the recent book Taxes Have Consequences: An Income Tax History of the United States.

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