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Kentucky House District 4 Race

The information below was compiled by voting records, candidate websites, and a candidate questionnaire distributed by the Commonwealth Policy Center, a nonprofit, nonpartisan Kentucky organization.

Byron Hobgood

Wade Williams



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*This Legislation would require educators to incorporate LGBT curriculum in sex education classes as early as Kindergarten.

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Merriam-Webster's 2023 word of the year is "authentic." Editor Peter Sokolowski said, “We see in 2023 a crisis of authenticity. What we realize is that when we question authenticity, we value it even more.” People desire authenticity. That's because they want to know...

British Court Executes Injustice on Infant

Indi Gregory, an 8-month-old British girl, died after a court ordered doctors to remove life support. Her parents wanted to take her to Italy, which granted the baby citizenship in an effort to convince British judges to allow her to live. But British courts decided...

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The ACLU of KY is asking the US Supreme Court to consider a case against the law banning gender transitions for minors. We hope the U.S. Supreme Court sides with the protection and well-being of minors.

More here: http://commonwealthpolicycenter.org/kentuckys-ban-on-transgender-medical-care-for-minors-headed-to-u-s-supreme-court/

Indi Gregory, an 8-month-old British girl, died after a court ordered doctors to remove life support. While this happened in a foreign country, its a warning for us to guard against this injustice and keep it from ever happening here.

More here: https://commonwealthpolicycenter.org/british-court-executes-injustice-on-infant/

In this week's edition of The Commonwealth Matters we are joined by @scottklusendorf, the President of @prolifetraining , to discuss his latest book The Case for Life.

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