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Paducah City Commission Considers Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Language
Date: December 19, 2017
Contact: Richard Nelson (270) 271-2713


Paducah, KY—  A Kentucky organization that advocates for religious freedom is asking the Paducah City Commission to drop sexual orientation and gender identity language from its proposed revision of the human rights ordinance. Richard Nelson, executive director of the Commonwealth Policy told Greg Dunker on his Tuesday morning radio program that the ordinance isn't needed. 
"How many documented cases of this kind of discrimination are going on in Paducah?" Nelson asked. "If there is no discrimination going on, why is the language needed?" Nelson points out that including sexual orientation and gender identity into local human rights laws is often used to coerce and bully those run their business according to their religious principles.
Bakers, florists and photographers have been fined and some threatened with jail time for refusing to provide their goods or services for homosexual weddings. "To be clear, we're not talking about declining service to an individual," Nelson said. "We're talking about an event that many believe to have religious significance." He added that "nobody is for unjust discrimination, but what about the unjustly punishing business owners for their deeply held religious convictions?"


CPC Responds to Resignation of Family Court Judge Mitchell Nance October 27, 2017 by Staff
CPC Responds to Resignation of Family Court Judge Mitchell Nance
Date: October 27, 2017
Contact: Richard Nelson, 270-719-1640
The October 26, announcement of the upcoming resignation of Barren and Metcalfe County Family Court Judge Mitchell Nance is another example of the pressure of progressive organizations like the Fairness Campaign and the ACLU of Kentucky to suppress the foundational right of religious liberty.
Commonwealth Policy Center Executive Director Richard Nelson said, “The resignation of Judge Nance should sadden Kentuckians as his forthright honesty regarding his moral convictions have cost him his job.”
In April, Judge Nance sought to recuse himself from adoption cases that involved same-sex parents. That request was denied by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Minton and it led to formal charges of violating the Canons of the Code of Judicial Conduct by the Judicial Conduct Commission.
Nelson said, “We hope this case will send a signal to all elected officials and to concerned Kentuckians that more should be done to protect the moral convictions of those serving the Commonwealth and their local communities in elected office.”
The Commonwealth Policy Center is a non-profit public policy group helping Kentuckians value life, protect natural marriage, defend religious liberty and promote fiscal integrity.

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