Churches & Pastors

CPC is thankful for the work of the local church and believes it is essential for the local community, the Commonwealth and the nation to flourish.
Since our inception, we have worked alongside church and ministry leaders to equip church members to deal with current public policy issues.
We've helped hundreds of churches across Kentucky to better understand how they can enter the public arena to uphold Biblical principles in a gracious way. We've provided model governing document resources and have held town hall meetings in churches as they dealt with various issues in their community. We've also helped them organize speakers and events to influence city, county, and state officials.

Churches from across the Commonwealth partner with us on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. Donations are tax deductible.


The 100 Pastor Initiative is a monthly, financial partnership from pastors across the Commonwealth. Through this partnership, CPC is able to provide free, valuable resources and support to pastors.

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It's a big deal to have pastors invest in us and have ownership in this culture-changing work. An immediate network is formed, however loosely it might be. There is also a spiritual dynamic at work. Pastors that invest in us are more likely to pay attention to the issues and pray for our work. Bottom line: we need to work together, pray together, stand together in these challenging times. To download an ACH form to draft the donation from your checking or savings account, click hereDonations are not tax deductible.


"The vigilant protection of religious liberty is a value that all of us hold sacred.  Unfortunately, for many the incremental erosion of this freedom goes ignored until there is a sea change in our laws and cultural norms.  The Commonwealth Policy Foundation is a watchman on the wall when it comes to alerting churches and their members to the coming behemoth I call the “marginalization of the Christian world-view.” Having worked alongside Richard Nelson, I have witnessed his courage, commitment to Christ and his willingness to sacrifice in order to stand guard at the gate. We are indeed blessed to have this vital ministry."

Larry L. Crain, Founder and Senior Counsel for Church Law Institute, Nashville, TN

"The longer I know Richard Nelson the more I appreciate his Christian faith, deep convictions, and tireless commitment to families and communities in the Commonwealth. Richard understands Kentucky values because he shares those values. And he has been a great help to people and churches all across the state who want to see our values preserved. As a fellow Baptist, I never have to wonder where Richard will stand on an issue. As a kind and thoughtful conservative, I never have to worry about how Richard will represent our people or positions. He continues to be a great help especially to those of us who are on the front lines in the religious liberty and right to life battles."

Paul Chitwood, Executive Director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention

"I am grateful to God for Richard Nelson and CPF. He is a man of grace and truth, as is CPF. When the CPF speak on issues, they do so with clarity, fidelity to the teaching of Scripture, and with compassion. Richard has served me and the church I serve, our community, and the people of Kentucky for many years and is worthy of our support financially, prayerfully, and with words of affirmation."

Pastor Jason Pettus, Living Hope Baptist Church, Bowling Green, KY

“Pastors and churches often find themselves at a terrible disadvantage trying to stay abreast of the rapid changes in social policy and the constant assault on our religious freedoms. While we rightly busy ourselves with the main calling of the gospel, we often fail to notice that the liberties that enable that task are being systematically eroded and even attacked. Kentuckians of faith are blessed that we have the Commonwealth Policy Foundation not only to inform us, but also to stand guard and defend our most precious rights and to affect change consistent with our beliefs.”

Pastor Hershael York, Buck Run Baptist Church, Frankfort, KY