Messages Have Consequences February 23, 2018 by Staff

Our culture is in the midst of a moral revolution where ethical boundaries are disregarded. And many of the messages regarding human sexuality sent by our culture are unhealthy or just flat our wrong. Consequently, the 2018 Kentucky General Assembly is dealing with fallout from a culture that has disregarded moral boundaries. Consider a few bills: fighting human trafficking (HB 152), stronger penalties for sexual crimes against minors (HB 101), handling of evidence regarding child porn (HB 120), and criminalizing revenge porn (HB 71).  Interestingly, the bill receiving criticism is the one attempting to restore moral boundaries. SB 71 requires that abstinence prior to marriage is the appropriate message taught to minors wherever public school sex-ed is taught. This is something worth supporting and it’s encouraging that a few legislators are working to support that which is good and healthy.

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