LGBT Intolerance July 20, 2017 by Staff

There's a lot of talk about tolerance these days. So what is it? Tolerance is simply accepting the right of others to hold their own opinions. It doesn't mean that you necessarily agree with them, but you don't try to hurt the other person either. In principle, tolerance is a good thing. But unfortunately, it has come to mean something like this: "if you don't agree with me, then you're a bigot." Rolling Stone magazine recently published a story about Tim Gill, perhaps the biggest financial force behind the push for same-sex marriage.  Gill said that he and his allies are "going into the hardest states in the country,"to further their cause. Then he ads. "We're going to punish the wicked." Punish the wicked? He means those who disagree with him. And friends, this is the opposite of tolerance.

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