KY Court Overrules Bevin's Cuts to Universities October 3, 2016 by Staff

The Kentucky State Supreme Court ruled that  Gov. Matt Bevin didn't have the authority to make unilateral cuts to Kentucky Universities.  The high court overturned a lower court ruling that ruled in his favor. There are four other lawsuits involving the governor: His dissolution of the U of L Board; the removal of the chairman of the Kentucky retirement system; one involving a commission governing workers’ comp cases yet another by House Speaker Greg Stumbo, who is arguing that Bevin illegally vetoed some legislation. The flurry of lawsuits signal at least two things. first that the changes the governor promised are coming to fruition. Second, that there are many who don't like these changes. While the courts are one place to solve disagreements about the direction of Kentucky, voters will have another place to solve them: and that's at the ballot box this November.

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