Gambling January 18, 2018 by Staff

It's no secret that Kentucky is facing a budget crunch. This year alone it needs to come up with one billion dollars in revenue to address the pension shortfall. So how should they do it? Several legislators say expanded gambling is the answer. Former governor, now current state senator Julian Carroll proposes to legalize gambling on sports. Another bill would amend the constitution to bring casino style gambling to Kentucky. But is gambling really going to solve our financial problems? Think of it this way. Would you ever advise an individual in financial straits to take what they have to the casino, plug it into a slot machine to see if they might win? Nobody does that. Since that's the case, then why in the world is it considered a good idea for the state to depend on gambling revenue? After all, it takes a lot of people to lose for the state to gain. And we all know the state shouldn't be in the business of making its people lose.

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