Atheist requests IM God Plate November 29, 2016 by Staff

A Northern Kentucky man is suing the state of Kentucky for refusing to issue a license plate that says "IM GOD." Bennie L. Hart of Kenton County is an atheist who says he's spreading his religious view that it's impossible to disprove anyone's claim to being "God." Which reminds me of the man who visited a psychiatric ward and asked a patient what his name was. He responded, "I'm Napoleon." The visitor said "really, that's hard to believe. Who told you that you're Napoleon? God did". Then a voice shot out from the next bed "I did not." It's pretty easy to see that Hart is not the all-powerful, all-knowing Creator of the universe. But it may prove more difficult to convince the ACLU and Freedom From Religion Foundation that forcing the state to agree with Hart's fiction isn't a free speech issue. 

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