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The Commonwealth Policy Center (CPC) is dedicated to preserving the bedrock values of life, marriage and fiscal responsibility in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It affirms as stated in the Kentucky Constitution that our civil, political and religious liberties come from God. To that end, it seeks to educate the general public, work for sound public policies, and influence elections on behalf of conservative candidates.

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Alabama Outlaws Abortion
May 24, 2019 by Staff
The issue of abortion has been in the news a lot lately. This is because several states, including Kentucky have banned abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected. Now, Alabama has effectively banned all abortion.  Governor Kay Ivey signed the Alabama Human Life Protection Act into law which protects the unborn at its earliest stages. It's the most stringent abortion restriction i...
Doxxing Citizens
May 23, 2019 by Staff
The state of civil discourse is breaking down in our nation. It gets even worse when elected officials harass citizens for exercising their First Amendment fr...
Gay Marriage Infiltrates Kids Cartoons
May 22, 2019 by Staff
Is it appropriate to expose toddlers and young children to same-sex weddings? PBS thinks so. They featured a homosexual "wedding" on a popular ca...
Election Day
May 21, 2019 by Staff
It's election day in Kentucky today! And if you're like most people you may be learning this for the first time. It's been a quiet election sea...
The Gift of Free Elections
May 20, 2019 by Staff
Tomorrow, Kentucky voters will go to the polls to determine their party's nominee for governor and five other constitutional offices. But the turnout i...
Your Vote Could Save a Life
May 20, 2019 by Ben Taylor
The Kentucky General Assembly passed four pro-life bills in this past session, totaling out to a whopping eight pro-life bills under Gov. Bevin’s administration. This is an unprecedented stretch of pro-life legislation. Kentucky’s pregnancy care centers outnumber abortion clinics sixty to one. Kentucky has become arguably the most pro-life state in the Union thanks to the leaders...
Fighting the Opioid Crisis
May 17, 2019 by Staff
Four Kentuckians die every day from an opioid overdose which puts us in the middle of a crisis and the federal government is stepping in. The University of ...
UK Tuition Increase
May 16, 2019 by Staff
The University of Kentucky is raising in-state undergraduate students by 2.4 percent this fall. This brings the annual cost of tuition to $12,360. Out-of-state t...

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